Optimizing business aviation operations with AI: An interview with Christopher Marich, co-founder and CSO at MySky
26 iul. 2023

The private aviation industry is known for exclusivity, luxury and exceptional service. Behind the scenes, however, the businesses responsible for delivering this experience are often faced with time-consuming administrative tasks, complex operations and unnecessary costs.
Through the power of artificial intelligence (AI), cost management platform MySky, is seeking to change this. MySky’s technology enables operators to streamline processes and work smarter, not harder – empowering them with the time and resources to provide an exceptional service.
We caught up with MySky’s co-founder and CSO, Christopher Marich, to learn about their key areas of focus for supporting the business aviation industry.

Why is embracing AI important to business aviation?

AI can be a daunting prospect for those who aren’t used to it, however the benefits it can bring to a business can’t be ignored. Through AI, businesses can be more efficient and create a better service for their customers – this is at the heart of what we offer at MySky.

It’s incredibly important for all those in the business aviation world to have a complete understanding of the costs associated with every flight to enable confident decision making. By having genuine insight into their operations, businesses can benefit from more efficient resource allocation and strategic financial planning, which ultimately drives profitability.
Read the full interview: https://www.rhapsody-magazine.com/2023/07/11/optimizing-business-aviation-operations-with-ai/

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