1 apr. 2016

The comfort and efficiency of a private trip can hardly be rivaled by any other type of travel. You just have to go the airport, getting into the plane and fly, with no further time waste and customized assistance. Whether it’s business trip or not the cabin facilities and crew are there to make sure you have a safe and relaxed journey to the destination.


Just right for your needs


Private Jets Europe prepared plenty of options for any type of requirements. Depending on the number of people on board, flying distance and, of course, budget, we have a solution to any request.

Some of the more sophisticated aircrafts are equipped with the medical system Tempus IC – a lightweight, compact telemedicine device that uses the plane’s onboard satellite communication capability to connect to a doctor on the ground in the event of a medical emergency. The device enables trained medical experts to begin helping the crew and passengers within minutes of a medical incident occurring on board, especially in remote areas or on long flights, such as flying over the ocean.

Furthermore, Private Jets Europe can ensure private ambulance jets. With a global network of dedicated ambulance jets for short and long-haul flights, we can guarantee response times as quick as 20 minutes. We provide total operational support, tracking the flight, monitoring weather, and smoothing clearances for the quickest possible flight.

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