You can use a private jet when you need it, without having to fully own one. Through its partners, Private Jets Europe can offer different flying programs tailor made to your needs.

You can just place your request by sending an email to or by calling at +40 722 10 10 90.

Otherwise, you can enjoy the below programs:


Fractional Ownership

Private Jet Sharing_ Fractional Ownership

The system many find the most comfortable is fractional jet ownership, commitment signed for 24-36 months. Available for 13 types of aircrafts (light, midsized or large), this is best suited for needs of more than 50 hours of flight per year. The program benefits of a notice time as little as 4-6 hours and of aircrafts upgrades guaranteed.


Payment structure 

Private jet sharing is similar to full aircraft ownership from a tax and legal standpoint, so purchasing such program offers you all the financial benefits of a capital equipment acquisition. Your costs are predictable and include the following:

  • One-time acquisition fee – based upon share size and aircraft type
  • Monthly management fee – covers indirect operating costs such as pilot salaries, training, hangar use, liability insurance, and Owner Services support
  • Occupied hourly fee – covers direct operating costs such as maintenance, landing fees, and standard fuel. You are billed as you fly and only for occupied flight hours – wheels up to wheels down – plus six minutes of taxi time at the beginning and end of each flight
  • Other fees – include hourly fuel fee, fuel tax surcharge, Federal Excise Tax (if applicable), international fees (as applicable), and ground transportation, if requested


Private Jet Leasing

When you purchase a leasing program, you lease time on a specific serial-numbered aircraft in the fleet. You enjoy all the same advantages of being owner, without owning the asset. The program is ideal for anyone who flies 50 or more hours per year and wants the financial flexibility afforded by aircraft leasing versus aircraft ownership.


Jet Card Hours

Jet Card Options

The Jet Card gives you guaranteed access to the full fleet in 25-hour increments. Simply prepay for a minimum of 25 hours of flight time on the private jet of your choice, then renew or walk away when your hours are up. There’s no long-term commitment

The Jet Card is ideal for anyone who flies under 50 hours per year, prefers a short-term commitment, or simply wants to experience what private flying is all about.